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         "A Different Kind of Crawl" Chicago SunTimes
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Artist Profile in Citylink Newspaper
The square slatted wooden table was flecked with paint, tucked in the dead end of a sterile hallway of the Flat Iron Building on the third floor. Had it been big enough for the both of us, I’m sure she wouldn’t have thought of getting chairs. Even with one of the legs slanting inward, threatening to buckle... [more]

E.K. Buckley Interviews Painter Karen Gagich:
A little over a month ago at the Flat Iron Karen Gagich crossed the hallway leading to my studio to discuss a new body of work in development. She was starting a batch of letters to humanity. Another painter with a studio here on the third floor stopped by, followed closely by a Romanian sculptor. Larry, the sculptor, spearheaded the discussion of this idea, firing question after question at Gagich...[more]

Read article from Chicago Sun-Times:
Angry artists at the Flat Iron Arts Building are wagging their paintbrushes at plans to film a show similar to "Real World" to air on the Internet and on a big screen TV at the corner of Milwaukee, North and Damen...[more]

Read article from the Revolutionary Worker:
RW article documents the surveillance issue at the Flat Iron. The artist is interviewed psuedonymously...

E.K. Buckley has been featured in citylink newspaper, and has interviewed other artists for that publication. Read the articles in the Artist Profiles section.

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